While Crypto Market Consolidates, SOL And SHIB Experience Significant Gains

After an entire two-week rally, the entire crypto market has started to consolidate. The entire crypto market kept experiencing strong rallies for a long time until the buyers stopped for a breather.

As the market has consolidated after a long rally, the prices of the major crypto assets have started to tone down.

Just when the rest of the crypto market is in the state of consolidation, Solana and Shiba Inu are demonstrating significant gains. These assets are still rallied at very high scales and their trends are still bullish

It is time to take a look at the performance of these assets and see where they are headed in near future.

Solana (SOL) to Surge to $25

After the recent gains, the trading prices of most of the cryptocurrencies have started to tone down.

On the other hand, the trading price of SOL has continued surging. It is constantly moving higher and has managed to hit a two-week high just as the week began.

It was on Monday when the trading price of SOL hit a higher level. The report shows that the value of the asset went to a high of $24.75 as the trading day approached its mid-period.

Prior to the strong rally, the trading price of the asset had recorded a downtrend. The asset’s value had fallen to a lower level on Sunday. On that particular day, its value dropped to $22.68.

The price movement of SOL shows that the asset is not leaving the bullish trend. It is still moving closer to the highest trading price of $25.03 that the asset has hit in the past 7 days.

The same value is the highest the asset has hit since November 8. The bulls are hoping that they will be able to push SOL’s price higher from this level in the upcoming days.

This clearly suggests that the sentiments of the investors are still bullish. They still want to support the trend and want to push SOL’s price higher.

The RSI for SOL currently stands over 80.00, which is over the support level. If it stays about the particular territory, then the trading price of SOL may continue surging higher.

If the RSI does make it past 80.18, then the asset’s price may once again hit a higher level. At the time of writing, SOL’s trading price is standing at $23.42.

However, if the trend goes in favor of the asset, then its price will surge to a high of $25.00.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price to Surge Back to $0.00001100

Shiba Inu has also managed to bypass consolidation. The bears did try to pull it lower but the bulls have demonstrated their strong resilience.

They have continued pushing SHIB higher and therefore, they have maintained their strong momentum. They have kept the bears from pulling its price to a lower level.

Today, as the bears managed to pull SHIB down to $0.00001009, the bulls triggered their strong buying activity. They were able to push SHIB’s price all the way up to a high of $0.00001099.

The trend witnessed in the trading price of SHIB today close to the meme coin’s $0.00001111 mark that it hit last Friday. It was the two-month high figure that the asset had managed to hit.

The relative strength index for SHIB is also coming close to hitting the ceiling level at 80.00. Although there was a slight fall witnessed in the RSI, it has managed to make it back to a higher level.

From the looks of it, the bulls are getting ready to form another strong rally to push SHIB’s price higher. They have tasted victory and will not be pushed back that easily.

They are determined to push SHIB’s price higher and if they manage to do it, then the asset will eventually hit a high of $0.00001100.

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