According to an Insider, the United States is already Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin adoption is on the rise despite the fact that many States and countries completely despise the flagship cryptocurrency and the idea of decentralization, such as China. But there are others, more optimistic and hopeful, that Bitcoin would prove to be an immersive mode of investment. El Salvador remains the only country to ever acquire Bitcoin in a legal capacity making it a legal tender and part of its economy, while the United States and many other countries are interacting with Bitcoin in their own specific liking.

The US is already mining Bitcoin according to an insider’s knowledge; the CEO of Compass Mining Whit Gibbs said that the US government is into crypto mining, and they are favoring Bitcoin over every other crypto, hypothetically speaking. He claims this issue to be a matter of national security, or so he said while being on the ‘Best Business Show’ at Anthony Pompliano’s. The matter which was being discussed at the moment was which specific States and countries are into Bitcoin mining.

The name of El Salvador came up naturally as it is mining bitcoin openly without keeping it a secret or being discreet about it. When asked which countries or states are doing it in a secretive manner, the name of Venezuela came up as it was mining Bitcoin previously. The host asked Whit what it would take for the United States to get into the Bitcoin mining business.

To this, he replied that the United States is already mining Bitcoin, but as he was giving an official interview and some secrets are better kept under the hood, he used the term ‘maybe’ to get himself a safety net. It doesn’t matter if the country is mining Bitcoin or not; the real question is what it plans to do with the concept. Would the United States make it a permanent thing with Bitcoin mining, or is it just temporary and purely on an experimental basis? There is nothing official present in this regard, but if it becomes a permanent thing, then it would mean prosperity and more adoption for the crypto market.

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