1.3 Million Bitcoin Remaining in Circulation on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Based on a recent Bitcoin analysis done by Cryptorank, 6.3 percent of the entire BTC circulation is held in the wallets of exchanges.

Drop in the Amount of BTC Left in Circulation

The total amount of Bitcoin left in circulation has dropped to levels that were never seen for years and that is obviously excellent news for this orange Christmas. According to one of the recent tweets made by CryptoRank, cryptocurrency exchanges own only 6.3 percent of the overall BTC circulation, or Bitcoin.

The declining BTC circulation supply isn’t a new thing; it has been slowly declining after the Bitcoin blockchain reward got halved last year. The BTC exchanges circulation jumped on board, gradually declining within the last year. During October 2020, shortly prior to the ATHs during the Christmas season, the exchanges wallets amounted to 9.5 percent of the overall BTC circulation, and 7.3 percent during July 2021.  The December result of 6.3 percent is the worst this 2021.

The superiority Coinbase features in the BTC wallet space is indeed eroding. The U.S. marketplace previously owned so much BTCs compared to the rest of the world together. Since last year, its supremacy dropped from 50.52 percent to 40.65 percent.

The announcement comes on the heels of a slew of bullish price indicators that coincide with Bitcoin’s higher price movement. To begin with, the unhedged Bitcoin supply has frozen during the winter, with a monthly supply of 100,000 BTC changing its state. In other words, more Bitcoin is stored securely in cold storage versus the ones that get mined.

Glassnode offered more encouraging information about exchanges’ attitude. The 7-day changing average for Bitcoin’s exchange’s entry volume recently hit a five-month decline of 978.452 Bitcoin, and it’s been drifting downward week over week.

Bitcoin Storage on Exchanges

It’s also worth recognizing that several retailers and businesses keep their BTCs on wallets of different exchanges, implying the unhedged Bitcoin is considerably smaller. Rather than putting their Bitcoin in cold storage, certain Bitcoin hodlers will entrust the safekeeping of their secret keys to these exchanges.

Notwithstanding the greatest attempts of Bitcoin hodlers including Andreas Antonopolous to ensure that without your secret keys you would be incapable of getting access to BTC, the CEO and co-founder of Binance Changpeng Zhao reportedly pushed the hot wallet technique.

Due to this, although 1.3M Bitcoins are kept in wallets in exchanges, they might not stay in circulation and instead make a contribution to the unstable circulations.

Notwithstanding pleas for a Christmas Rally reliant on bullish analysis, the declines are still to leave the groves. BullRun Invest’s tweet, based on Glassnode statistics, indicates that 24.6 percent of every BTC circulation is trading over $47,000.

It means nearly a fourth of Bitcoin purchased at such rates is now worthless. There could be less gifts beneath the Christmas tree tomorrow if Bitcoin is unable to break into the $50,000.

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